Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Love Reviewers

Being a romance writer is hard when the romantic entanglements in my personal life get disappointing. I had a flirty friend situation that had the potential to become something more basically crash and burn this past week (not through either of our faults, just because circumstances suck sometimes). I've been working on HEATBOUND, the third book in my Eve's Grotto series (the book that comes after SINBOUND) and in the last few days, every time I open up the document I've felt...(I hate to say it, but) bitter.

I've found some amazing readers through Goodreads who were willing to read and review my books honestly, and communicating with them this past week and seeing a few new awesome reviews pop up has given me revived energy to stop moping and keep writing. (I feel compelled to add, if a bad review were to pop up, that would be perfectly fine. When I say I want an honest review, I mean it. I also believe that as soon as I publish my books on Amazon, they stop belonging to me and they belong to the reader. Every reader will feel differently. I've taken enough creative writing workshops to be very well aware of this.) But seeing four or five stars pop up on Goodreads really does make my day. I love my characters and I love telling their story, and heck, bad romance in my own life should just be more fodder for stories!

I love every single reader, and everyone who agreed to review my stories. You guys have pulled me out of my bitter funk. So, thanks.


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