Monday, August 27, 2012


Several LUSTBOUND readers have commented, either to me or in reviews, that the concept of the story sounds a little BDSM. The idea of women owning Pets in specific. I see exactly where they're coming from, because if you look at my notes for the story when I was first outlining it, there were more BDSM elements (though it was never going to get too too kinky).

But things change during the creative process. The romance took a front seat in what I originally thought was going to be the start of a story about sexual exploration. Christine's view of the society in the first book is narrow and limited, and so is her view of sex because of her oppressed upbringing. We see a little bit more through Valentin's point of view, but not much because his focus is so much on both Christine and his own unhappiness.

My romantic side took over as I was writing. I loved the idea of people falling in love in a society like this where so many things are against them. True love overcoming all, reaching for a Happily Ever After, happy things.

I like the twist that came about. You can certainly imagine that BDSM, and other sexual fantasies go on in Eve's Grotto. I certainly do. People may have an idea of a BDSM society going into the story, and that's fine. Because it makes the love story more unlikely and therefore even more dangerous and worth fighting for.

~ Natasha